Much more important than discovering what is true is discovering what’s not.

The undoing of beliefs, the breaking down of conceptual walls, the removal of projections – this is the real work of Spiritual Awakening.

No answers will be provided, but to discover the right questions, that is profound. To rest in unknowing – even more profound still.

Your assumptions and beliefs, both conscious and unconscious, these are what distort your perception.

To see clearly is to see nakedly.

Those who have eyes to see, see beyond their own stories and assumptions.

Nothing is hidden.
Nothing is secret.

Reality is neither distant or far away. It is embedded into the very fabric of existence, revealed on the mountaintops and ocean floor alike.

Revealed even in your very heart.

Written there by God.
Forever and a day.
Never to be undone.
Complete and whole.

Therefore trust the unknowing. Rest in unknowing.

See if it’s not the answer you seek. See the Divinity within and around you.

Can you simply rest in not knowing?

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    Thank you very much is really inviting to trust

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Kimberly Holman

Kimberly Holman is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (MMT) with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Maine and an M.A in religious studies from Naropa University.