A World Infused by Love

A World Infused by Love

Hope is but the cosmic kindling of the fire of love,
Our calling is but to have faith in that.
These three, the apostle said – hope, faith, and love –
Of these, Love reigns supreme.

Faith infused by love,
Hope infused by love.

A world infused by love
Cannot but evolve
Toward a greater good
That surrounds us all
With the pure presence of God.

Our instinctual feelers,
See the evidence in a spring rain,
The return of dandelions,
In a bee buzzing its bumbling bounty
Throughout the countryside.

This world,
God’s tapestry,
This life,
My canvas,
Upon which to draw
The circlings of darkness and light.

The law of three
Demands one more.
Darkness, light…
And hope.

Hope is the reconciling factor
That creates the balance,
Producing love.

This, my faith, I do sing to thee.
This, my world, I do sing to thee.
This, my life, I do sing to thee.
This, my God, I do sing to thee.

Blessed be.

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Kimberly Holman

Kimberly Holman is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (MMT) with a B.A. in psychology from the University of Maine and an M.A in religious studies from Naropa University.