A Seal of Uncertainty

As it stands, your understanding of the world is stamped by a seal of uncertainty. Underneath it all, there is only open, fluid space with endless potentiality. Little is known, exactly. You are not very comfortable with this, so you endeavor endlessly to formulate explanations with your impressive theories — trying to explain it all away, trying to make sense of it. Wearisome are the activities of your mind, the numerous attempts to ready yourself, meet each moment fully prepared. Yet your finest moments are seldom met with readiness are they? Periods of real growth are seldom precipitated by real knowledge. You don’t know what to make of the events at hand. You approach life one way. It wisely moves you another. If only you could relax inside the tenacity of it all. Then you might realize all is well. Then you could rest in the unpredictability, at peace and whole.

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