We might say mindfulness is another perspective, a different way of looking at life. It’s as much a view as a practice. On this site, I suggest mindfulness is a way of life.

Mindfulness is an alternative way of functioning that doesn’t always try to freeze time by grasping pleasant experiences or running away from what hurts or bothers us. It’s about being present right here, right now on the spot with life exactly as it is.

And how is life? The bottom line? It’s changing constantly, all the time. It’s one brand new moment after another that we habitually interpret as pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral–and when something’s neutral we mostly ignore it. In fact, most of what’s happening we miss completely. The rest we tend to cling to or push away.

This results in an underlying sense of discontent and disconnection. Even when we manage to hit a high point, we’re likely to be afraid of losing it.

Living mindfully means taking a different approach to life. It’s about being fully present with exactly what’s happening right now and without jumping to conclusions. We practice a kind of non-judgmental acceptance, a curiosity about what’s occurring that doesn’t resist or attach itself to what’s there.

This isn’t always easy of course. That’s why mindfulness is both a practice and a way of life. In fact, it’s as a way of life that we need to practice everyday. It actually takes that kind of commitment to completely change our perspective.

The result, in my experience, is a fuller life lived with greater peace and equanimity. This is a natural consequence of learning to embrace life just as it is. It is my hope that on this website you’ll find useful tips and inspiration that will help you live more peacefully with what is.



Kimberly has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Maine and an M.A. in Religious Studies from Naropa University. She has been practicing mindfulness/awareness meditation since 1996.