Primordial Wonder

The Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Stillness and silence open to luminous awareness. That is why we cultivate both with a generosity of heart and lightness of spirit. In this place, in this time, we are invited to taste the supple fruit. A garden opens in the stillness of our soul. A penetrating wisdom invites silence to imbue us with its…

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Nobody in Phoenix

Cacti in Phoenix

One of my favorite books is The Magic of Awareness by Anam Thubten. I’ve read it through twice now. The other day, I read the first chapter again. This is always the hardest chapter for me. It’s all about being — gulp — nobody. My ego doesn’t approve. Yet because of a recent business trip…

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Unified Wisdom

Seagull perched on rocks.

Within you there is a unified wisdom that transcends mental confusion. This wisdom, this knowing, is without origin. At no time did it suddenly come into being. Certainly you did not create, construct, or develop it. It’s simply here. It has always been here, within you, though hidden I’m afraid. It is paradoxically hidden yet…

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A Seal of Uncertainty

Child in Wonder

As it stands, your understanding of the world is stamped by a seal of uncertainty. Underneath it all, there is only open, fluid space with endless potentiality. Little is known, exactly. You are not very comfortable with this, so you endeavor endlessly to formulate explanations with your impressive theories — trying to explain it all…

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