Four Snails

Snails on a Rock

Let’s face it. We don’t all see eye to eye on everything. In this story, I share my first experience realizing just how different our impressions can be. What I learned? We all live in our own reality.

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Up Folsom Avenue

Seagulls Flying

Meditation has a way of changing our perspective on many levels. In this post, I talk about my first experience of pure perception and how the world changed before my very eyes.

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Stark Raving Mad

Woman Stark Raving Mad

Although the whole emotional spectrum is likely involved, John Sarno believes that the primary emotion responsible for chronic pain is unconscious rage. This post is about a time when I let my rage be conscious.

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Finding My Enthusiasm


How much control do we really have in life? In this post, I consider this question in reference to an affirmation I used during my cancer treatments. Did saying it really help me find my enthusiasm again?

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