Primordial Wonder

Stillness and silence open to luminous awareness. Therefore, cultivate both with generosity of heart and lightness of spirit. In this place, in this time, you are invited to taste the supple fruit. A garden opens in the stillness of your soul. A penetrating wisdom invites silence to imbue you with its primal grace. God, light, the essence of the Divine, is a never ending primordial wonder that you will taste and consume in the depths of your being. No wonder the world is confused, seeking ever outside itself for a small hint of certainty, something to make one secure and free. There is no certainty, no guarantee of security. Yet, in silence, you find comfort and peace. Despite these challenges, even in the face of daunting odds. Knowing nothing is certain. A deep breath of resilience nonetheless comforts in the open ended mystery of all that’s known and not known. That somehow is enough. At last, you are not resisting the flow, but diving in head first, alert and alive.

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