Unified Wisdom

Within you there is a unified wisdom that transcends mental confusion. This wisdom, this knowing, is without origin. At no time did it suddenly come into being. Certainly you did not create, construct, or develop it. It’s simply here. It has always been here, within you, though hidden I’m afraid. It is paradoxically hidden yet present as your birthright and your heritage. This wisdom has been called a pearl of great price, and it will be revealed once you know where to look. For it is your own true essence, that part of yourself you seldom allow others to see, oddly enough. This wisdom sustains you. In truth, it sustains itself. It exists primordially in and of itself. That’s why it doesn’t depend on anything. That means you’re off the hook. You can drop the effort now. No need to push. No need to fight. Settle, rather, into effortlessness. Then, watch as it appears. Can you even stop it? I think not. Therefore, you don’t need to pretend as though you’re still in charge. You’re not, you know.

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